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Biological Boom Towards Sustainability »

Agriculture is making big moves towards sustainability and we're here for it.

How to plant garlic — naturally.

Herbalstead Ohio grows herbs & provides

herb-based alternatives to chemical products.

Panama Potatoes with AZOMITE

Read about this Panama potato producer's #AZOMITEGrown success.

Where to buy AZOMITE »

Find the AZOMITE dealer nearest you.

The Right Grade for your applications »

Learn about our three AZOMITE grades.

Gardening.org's 12 Must-Have Products for Starting Seeds Indoors »

Tips to grow seedlings quickly and smoothly.

Growing Tips from The Pumpkin Man »

Utah-based Jamie Johnson shares his pumpkin-growing growing magic.

The Iranian Journal of Plant Physiology »

Research shows AZOMITE supports tomato drought stress tolerance. 

Peonies blossom with AZOMITE »

Best-selling author Christopher Spitzmiller's Clove Brook Farm peonies enjoy AZOMITE.

"Compost is not a complete plant food"

Dana Venrick of Quality Green Specialists keeps soil healthy and happy.

Home, Lawns, Gardens & Farms »

AZOMITE guidelines for any application—  from broadcast to compost.

Planet Natural's Perfect soil mix »

Adapted from Cornnell U's soilless mix for organic farms and gardens.

Mulching now preps soil for later »

Adding AZOMITE to winter mulch and compost nourishes soil for spring planting.

AZOMITE and Wine Grapes »

Improved brix, flavor and anthocyanin levels are benefits reported with AZOMITE use.

Alabama Pecan Farm Testimonial

Meatier pecans, double the yield and market-ready hulls — with AZOMITE!

California Orange Crop Success

Grower Kyran Rice's story of compost and AZOMITE®.

AZOMITE® Century Tomato Research

Concluding better yield and nutrient quality with AZOMITE®.

CropLife — On the AZOMITE® Scene

CropLife takes a personal look into the AZOMITE mine's everyday operations.

Planting Tips from Sally Scalera »

Here's what to do for your Florida lawn and vegetable garden in March.

Texas AgriLife's Planting Calendar »

Texas growing is a year-round activity and they have the schedule down.

Winter Soil Tips | Great Day Houston »

Plants for All Seasons's Sherri Harrah helps save your plants from the Arctic blast.

Attract beneficial garden insects »

Dirt Doctor, Howard Garrett, on how to keep a naturally pest-free garden life.

Mineral Restoration of Garden Soil

The importance of soil replenishment from our friends at Underwood Gardens.

Guidelines for using Azomite Minerals

Optimal lawn application from AZOMITE distributor Mike Fodge.

Some AZOMITE® History

History in the making. From its humble beginnings in 1942, through present.

The Cube Root of Container Farming

Cube Root uses technology and AZOMITE® to develop indoor farms.

AZOMITE® Cabernet Wine Study

Research shows better taste, quality and yield with AZOMITE®.

Pick More Peppers with AZOMITE®

CSU research shows AZOMITE supports pepper harvest weight and returns.

AZOMITE® Peach Study

Increased peach tree sapling growth and brix values in YangShan with AZOMITE.

Cover Crop Expert Steve Groff

Get the covercrop lowdown from Cedar Meadow Research Farm's Steve Groff.

Texas Tech Turfgrass Study

Research shows richer color and better nutrient levels with AZOMITE®.

Equador Bananas with AZOMITE®

Research shows greater banana shoot growth and shorter harvest cycles.

Keep Growing Detroit's Soil Recipe

Expert Akello Karamoko supercharged soil.

AZOMITE Nutrient-Dense Compost

Stephen Scott shares his deep understanding of compost nutrient ratios!

Rock Minerals boost microbial activity

Studies: "Rock dust" boosts microbial activity in mushroom substrate compost.

Organic Mechanics Biochar Blend

Fully charged and ready to nourish all types of plants — with AZOMITE®!

Panama Passion Fruit Farm Success

Meet Kevin Martinez of Chiriqui Passion Fruit S.A. — grown with AZOMITE.

Pennsylvania Pumpkin Study

AZOMITE-grown Pennsylvania Pumpkin Crops show positive profit and yield.

Sustainable Tarpon Springs

A Florida comunity brings lush life to a desolate patch of soil.

AZOMITE® Indonesian Lettuce Test

Farmer's report increased lettuce yield, puncture resistance and vitality

Grand Champion Fertilizer  + AZOMITE

IFA launches 'Grand Champion' all purpose fertilizer with AZOMITE®.

Barbados served by Gale's Agro Products

Gale's Agro Products' farm manager, Simon Callender, supports AZOMITE®.

Winter Garden To-Do List »

Steve Smith navigates healthy garden winterizing  — with AZOMITE.

The Intelligent Gardener: Growing Nutrient Dense Food »

Author Steve Solomon's soil health wisdom